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About Us:
Rapidly changing market demands, an increasingly competitive market place, and the importance of time-to-market have demonstrated the need to proactively manage product design and development from concept to working solution. It is a confirmed reality that changes would be needed with time and evolving market conditions. Only those organisation which are proactive in dealing with these changes will succeed.

The software industry is responding to these requirements by adopting agile and iterative processes for product development. The benefits of adopting "Agile Processes" can be greatly enhanced by using complimentary Software Life Cycle Management Tools, which can simplify the adoption and further enhance the effectiveness of the change. Hindsa Technologies provides software life cycle management solutions which are complimentary and alligned to Agile methods.

Hindsa Technologies� flagship software product eXtreme Manager, is a web-based enterprise project and requirements management tool that provides clear visibility into an Agile development environment. It enables organisations to understand progress and manage risk in projects with self-organising, distributed teams where feature requirements may change during the lifecycle.

Hindsa Technologies� product for Health Care sector Medi Time Tracker is a secure, web-based time sheet management and process automation solution for hospitals. It is offered on software as a service model. It enables hospitals to achieve higher administrative efficiency in processing doctors time sheets while saving valueable time of doctors, administration staff and management team. Furthermore, the solution facilitates achieving regulatory compliance and fulfils the reporting requirements.

Hindsa Technologies, trading since 2005, is an Irish Company backed by Enterprise Ireland, Ireland�s state-run development agency supporting high-growth companies. Founder and CEO Absar Mirza has worked in the software industry for 13 years, and has held senior technical positions at companies including Iona Technologies, one of Ireland�s leading indigenous software innovators. Absar is an Agile methodologies practitioner and has experienced first hand the benefits of adopting Agile, as well as the need for appropriate tools in organisations where visibility is important and higher productivity is demanded.

Hindsa Technologies Limited is a private limited company registered in Ireland, Company Number 359644.
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Hindsa is a private limited company, Registered in Ireland, Company Number 359644