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Software Development Teams (Designers, Developers, Testers, Technical Writers, Business Analysts)
Promotes Team Collaboration and Improves Communication
eXtreme Manager supports self-organising, cross-functional Agile teams with membership that may consist of developers, testers, designers, tech writers, business analysts or product managers. eXtreme Manager�s web-based, enterprise workspace serves as a central repository for all key project artefacts, including User Stories, Acceptance Tests, Tasks and Impediments. Regardless of geographical location, Agile team members can claim responsibility for unallocated tasks, work on existing project artefacts, submit new project artefacts, and communicate with their team mates.
Reduces or Eliminates Time Spent Preparing Progress Reports
eXtreme Manager automatically aggregates project progress and significantly reduces or eliminates the time individual team members� spend preparing progress reports for management. Project progress is reported via visual Burn-down or Burn-up charts, or by text based reports that present key project metrics such as project progress, velocity, estimated remaining and future effort, and historical release activity reports.
Promotes Agile Values and Practices
eXtreme Manager was designed by Agilists for Agilists and adheres to Agile values and practices. For example, eXtreme Manager supports paired programming and the �Take a Card� approach to updating project artefacts or self-allocating work as practiced by self-organising teams. Its lightweight, intuitive user interface is as easy to work with as index cards and whiteboards, yet provides visibility into project progress to all team members and stakeholders regardless of geographical location. Co-located teams that prefer to work with physical cards and whiteboards can generate hard-copy User Story cards and attach them to their project whiteboard.
Simplifies Adoption of Agile Development Practices
eXtreme Manager enables adoption of iterative Agile development methodologies without additional overhead. It supports eXtreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM, (R)UP, Feature Driven Development, Crystal and other iterative methodologies. Its features and terminology promote Agile values and best practices, for example, units of effort in eXtreme Manager may be defined as �Gummi Bears� or �Team Days�.
Reduces Requirements Mistakes and Misunderstandings
eXtreme Manager includes the Customer as an Agile development team member. Many Agile methodologies call for co-locating the customer with the development organisation but this is often impractical or unfeasible. With eXtreme Manager, customers can clarify requirements and provide ongoing input for their prioritisation. eXtreme Manager enables remote customers to collaborate and maintain strong relationships with Agile development organisations, regardless of location.
Promotes Agile Practices that Improve Software Quality
eXtreme Manager supports Test Driven Development, the Agile practice of developing Acceptance Tests in parallel with the User Story they validate. Test Driven Development detects design defects early, and ensures that User Stories are complete and testable. eXtreme Manager supports Test Driven Development by providing support for authoring and maintaining Acceptance Tests for each User Story.
Agile Software Development Team Members
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You can with Extreme Manager!
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