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Development, Product, Project, Engineering, Programme Managers and Team Leads
Improves Team Collaboration and Communication
eXtreme Manager’s web-based enterprise workspace provides a single, central repository for all key project artefacts, including User Stories, Tests, Tasks and Impediments. Users’ privileges, workflows and user interfaces can be customised according to role-based profiles or individual settings. Regardless of their geographical location, members of distributed, cross-functional teams can claim ownership of unallocated tasks, work on existing project artefacts, submit new project artefacts, and communicate their progress.
Simplifies Adoption of Any Agile Methodology
eXtreme Manager is designed to be flexible and supports the adoption of any iterative Agile development methodology, including eXtreme Programming, Scrum, DSDM, (R)UP, Feature Driven Development, Crystal and others. Agile practices and terminology are supported and units of effort in eXtreme Manager may be “Gummi Bears” or “Team Days”.
Increases Probability of Project Success by including “Voice of the Customer”
The practice of including the customer as a member of the project team is a key practice of Agile methodologies. Some Agile methodologies call for co-locating the customer with the development organisation but this is often impractical or unfeasible. With eXtreme Manager, customers can clarify requirements and provide ongoing input for their prioritisation. eXtreme Manager enables remote customers to collaborate with Agile development organisations, regardless of location.
Improves Management Effectiveness through Real-Time Visibility into Project Progress
Project progress can be tracked through eXtreme Manager’s Dashboards, providing detailed task status reports and graphical charts. eXtreme Manager provides a number of graphical management charts that track real-time project progress, including Burndown and Burnup Charts.
Release Burndown Graph track progress by providing a daily measure of how much work remains to be done in order to complete the iteration’s planned work or to track the progress of the release by measuring each iteration’s remaining effort required in order to complete work scheduled for the entire release.
Release Burn-up graph provide measurement of Earned Business Value delivered during preceding iterations
Release Velocity Chart Improves Accuracy of Estimation and Planning using “Yesterday’s Weather”
Velocity is the measure of how fast work gets done by the team. eXtreme Manager provides real-time calculation of velocity to enable more accurate estimations for release planning.
Release Dashboard
The Product/Release Dashboard provides real-time insight into the team’s progress throughout the release’s iterations, enabling project change management based on empirical project data.
Reduces Documentation Preparation Costs
Requirements reviews often take place offline. eXtreme Manager has the capability of automatically generating structured requirements documents from online User Stories. The automatically generated requirements documents are exported to MS Word format files, providing the flexibility for readers to review content on or offline.
Low Cost of Deployment and Administration
eXtreme Manager was developed for J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), a cross-platform standards based framework, and can be deployed with popular, reliable Open Source technologies such as Apache Tomcat Application Server and MySQL Database. eXtreme Manager’s convenient per-user perpetual or monthly licensing keeps your total costs low while providing an option to puurchase additional user licenses as your organisation grows or extends its adoption of Agile.
Development & Product Managers
* Need to enhance project visibility?
* Wish to know things before they go wrong?
* Like to facilitate effective team communication without distance, time zones, and team size limitations?
* Want to increase your team productivity?
You can with Extreme Manager!
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