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Senior Management & Corporate Executives
Harmonises Agile development with Strategic Business Practices
Agile development teams have proven to be more productive and deliver higher quality products in shorter development lifecycles than traditionally managed software development teams. The challenge for senior managers is aligning Agile teams� release planning and progress reporting with traditional management�s strategic objectives and business practices. eXtreme Manager supports the Agile practices that enable increased productivity and higher quality while providing management dashboards that enable real-time insight into project progress, resource planning, past performance and early warnings of problems such as deviation from estimates.
Enables Successful Strategic IT and Business Planning
For strategic IT and business plans to be successful, they require reliable and accurate release plans including estimated delivery dates. eXtreme Manager improves the accuracy of release planning by breaking large complicated projects up into a number of short time-restricted iterations and uses velocity to plan future work. Velocity is the measure of how fast work gets done by the team. eXtreme Manager provides real-time calculation of velocity to enable more accurate estimations for release planning.
Release Dashboard
Reduces Project Management Costs
eXtreme Manager reduces overall project management costs by automatically tracking and reporting project progress without requiring additional effort to prepare management reports. Project progress is reported via visual Burn-down or Burn-up charts, or by text based reports that present key project metrics such as project progress, velocity, estimated remaining and future effort, and historical release activity reports.
Release Burndown Graph
Increases Probability of Project Success by including �Voice of the Customer�
Studies have shown that the most significant causes of software projects failure are a lack of customer involvement throughout the project lifecycle and misunderstanding or miscommunication of customer requirements. eXtreme Manager incorporates the Customer � be they internal or external � as a project stakeholder. Customers can view, contribute and clarify their feature requirements throughout the development lifecycle.
Improves Management Effectiveness through Real-Time Business Intelligence
Management insight into Agile organisations� progress is low when teams use low-tech, �purist� Agile requirements and project management tools such as index cards, whiteboards, office documents and spreadsheets. eXtreme Manager�s dashboards provide managers with high level progress and impediments information, with the ability to drill down to detailed information.
Manages Risk More Effectively Throughout Project Lifecycle
eXtreme Manager manages software projects using an iterative development model. The objective of the iterative development model is to deliver working, potentially shippable software at the end of each 1 week to 1 month long development cycle (iteration). eXtreme Manager tracks Earned Business Value (accumulated future Return on Investment) throughout the release lifecycle, and provides a valuable risk management tool where continued project investment may be reviewed at the end of each iteration. When iterations deliver less than expected Earned Business Value, management can intervene early with corrective measures to get the project back on track.
Secures Mission Critical Project Data
eXtreme Manager is deployed at your location and administered by your corporate IT organisation. Mission critical project data is secured in a central repository, which can be backed up on a scheduled basis according to your corporate policies. User access privileges are controlled by your administrator.
Reduces Cost of Deployment and Administration
eXtreme Manager was developed for J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), a cross-platform standards based framework that can be deployed to popular, reliable Open Source technologies such as Apache Tomcat Application Server, and MySQL Database. eXtreme Manager�s convenient per-user licensing keeps your total costs low while providing an option to purchase additional user licenses as your organisation grows or extends its adoption of Agile.
Simplifies and Promotes Collaboration between all Project Stakeholders from Engineers to Executives
Standalone traditional project management tools and low tech �purist� Agile management tools are unstructured and do not effectively support collaboration of distributed stakeholders. eXtreme Manager is a flexible, structured solution that supports all Agile software project lifecycle phases through an integrated web-based workspace. Using eXtreme Manager, all stakeholders can collaborate regardless of their physical location. Important project information � requirements, estimation, historical performance metrics and real-time project progress - is stored securely in a central repository.
Senior Managers & Corporate Executives
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