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An Agile Management Enabling Company!
Professional Services
Hindsa Provides Agile coaching and training services to development teams and managers. Our professional services team can work with you to find out what Agile practices will best suite your corporate needs and how to adopt them to get maximum benefits. They can also provide you with custom designed training courses.

Hindsa's professional services team can take your business requirements and recommend a configuration for our Agile Application Development Life Cycle Management Product "eXtreme manager" that would most suite your needs, and provide required custom enhancements if needed.

Bespoke Solution Development
Hindsa has a group of highly experienced engineers who can take your business requirements, analyse, design, develop, test and deliever your solutions on iterative basis. Iterative development ensures that the produced solution is always meeting your requirements, and take in to account any change requests that you may have to achieve your business objectives. Our Test Driven Development approach make sure that the solution is bug free, robust, and meeting the specified criteria.

Hindsa can provide expert software developers to work with your development team. Also, we can deliver a complete solution from requirements collection to fully functional and tested product.

Please email us at services@hindsa.com with any specific queries that you may have.
Hindsa's Application Life Cycle Management product "eXtreme manager" is easy to use and intuitive. We are confident that you will be able to maintain and configure easily to meet your changing requirements. However, we are always available to provide any support that you may need to continue receiving maximum return on your investment.

Please email us at support@hindsa.com for any assistance that you may need.
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